Chinese Noodle Café

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Fine traditional noodle, vegetarian or combo dishes. Best food in town and voted Best and Favorite Chinese Restaurant for 12 years.

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Reviewed By Kari O September 2016

I'm not a master chief by any means but I can definitely make better Chinese at home. My friend and I had mediocre meals. I had the general so chicken and she had the chicken and broccoli, both were...

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Great All Around
Reviewed By AndreaK1013 July 2016

Noodle Cafe completely ruined our home Chinese restaurant for me...and I thought our home Chinese restaurant was good. I ate here on our way back to Louisville from Nebraska. We called for takeout...

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For the budget-minded person
Reviewed By VaporK8 June 2016

Nice owner. Nice waitress. The hot and sour soup without meat was the spicy, flavorful standout. Lots of food. So much food that the young, male relative we were treating to dinner had leftovers of...

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