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James Beard award winner, Gerald Craft, opens a fresh-casual Italian eatery in downtown St. Louis. Pick your ingredients; they’ll take care of the rest.

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Great place to get an excellent bowl of pastels quickly!
Reviewed By kcfanmdl September 2016

I had the smoky Sunday sugo with meatballs, pork, gran Padano cheese and green olives. It was a bowl of pasta that would cost 16 dollars anywhere else and it was less than 10 here. The focaccia with...

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Great Fast Casual but the sauce can be a bit salty
Reviewed By dumplings_n_grits March 2016

Made by local restauranteurs, Porano is a great little lunch concept. Located next to the MX movie theater, Porano is a great place for lunch. For you work downtown is should be within easy walking...

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Great Pasta Place- And can you please come to the NYC Metro Area, Porano? PUL-LEEEZ?!?!
Reviewed By Alison C May 2016

Ate here based on the rec of our hotel in St Louis. Think of it as a Chipotle like set up, but for pasta, and better tasting! Pick your pasta, sauce, and fixings in an assembly cafeteria like line...

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