Strange Donuts

  • Restaurants
  • Midtown/Clayton
  • Maplewood

Original classics, new creations; late night strangers. Open every night. Stay strange.

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Reviewed By SweetW October 2016

The donuts are $1 or $2 each which would be ok if they were amazing. They weren't. My kids didn't like any of them. Neither did I. My husband liked the gooey butter cake. We threw away more than we...

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unique flavors
Reviewed By suburban-countess June 2016

This place is seriously overpriced. Yes, the flavors are unique, and the quality is okay, but it's hard to justify the cost.

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Interesting, very interesting
Reviewed By 2653adele September 2016

While we aren't very into donuts we had to try these based on family recommendations. The cake donuts are big and either filled or topped with interesting combinations. We had the bacon maple and...

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