2018 Hospitality Superheroes

View the video below to see the 2018 Super Heroes and their “WOW” moment.


Hospitality Superhero Shafonda Tobar Shafonda Tobar, Hilton St. Louis Airport

A young boy was hesitant about staying in a hotel due to hearing that strange things happen in hotels. Shafonda reassured the boy and allowed him to inspect their room for monsters under the bed. After looking around the boy gave her a ‘thumbs up.’ Later that day, she brought him treats to ensure he had a nice stay.  She left a lasting impression on him and he didn’t want the trip to end. He even wrote her a little note.


Hospitality Superhero Tim Byrne, Geof Godfrey & Bethany HernandezTim Byrne, Geof Godfrey & Bethany Hernandez, Hilton St. Louis Downtown at the Arch

When Tim received a call from a diabetic guest’s wife that he had fallen ill, Tim, Geof & Bethany sprang into action. They brought the guest orange juice, a candy bar, a turkey sandwich and a blanket while they called 911. They also notified his wife of the situation and stayed by his side until he was well.


Sabrina Armstrong, Hollywood Casino St. Louis

Sabrina learned that a guest’s sister had just passed away and was very empathetic and understanding when taking her reservation. The guest also mentioned where she worked. A few days later, Sabrina brought the guest flowers, a card, and a fruit tray with condolences to her job. The guest was grateful for Sabrina’s actions.


Hospitality Superhero Lashawna HarperLashawna Harper, Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel

Lashawna met a guest in the restaurant who had spilled coffee on his shirt and needed to wear the shirt the following day at an important meeting. She took the guest’s shirt home to clean it and brought it back the next day. The guest was appreciative for Lashawna’s help in his time of need.


Hospitality Superhero Denise DunnDenise Dunn, Parkway Hotel

A couple was staying at the hotel while the husband had surgery. After a stressful few days it was time to leave the hotel and the wife realized that she had misplaced her wallet. Denise comforted the couple, helped them to retrace their steps and offered them some money for their drive home. The wallet was returned after the guests returned home and the guests mailed a thank you card to Denise with a token of their appreciation.


Hospitality Superhero Nikki Guest & Paul Torno, Saint Louis ZooNikki Guest & Paul Torno, Saint Louis Zoo

Last year, five class rings were lost at the Zoo. Paul and Nikki researched the schools and initials on each ring using the internet. They identified the owners of all of the class rings. Owners resided in several states. Not only did they spend hours researching schools, but they also contacted the schools to get the owners’ information.


Hospitality Superhero Scott Sparks, St. Louis Lambert International Airport – Whelan SecurityScott Sparks, St. Louis Lambert International Airport – Whelan Security

A guest’s silver pin was lost. When she called the airport Scott answered and said he’d look for the pin. 45 minutes later, Scott called back and told the guest he could meet her in the lobby with her pin. The guest was very happy that Scott made her day by returning the gift that her husband gave to her.