Russ Mitchell

Russ Mitchell, news anchor of “The Early Show,” broadcast weekday mornings on CBS and anchor of the “CBS Evening News,” Sunday edition, keeps close tabs on the happenings in his home town.

“During each visit home, I discover amazing new restaurants, places to visit and familiar attractions and neighborhoods that have been reinvented and revitalized,” says Russ.

Russ grew up in the ‘burbs before heading off to the University of Missouri’s prestigious School of Journalism.

“I graduated from Webster Groves High School,” Russ says, anticipating the customary question St. Louisans ask one another when they first meet. Webster Groves, a charming St. Louis suburb, was recently named by Family Circle magazine as one of America’s Top Ten Best Towns for Families. That ranking inspired Russ to borrow a feature from his CBS colleague David Letterman and create a Top Ten List of What’s New in St. Louis. Almost.

“I couldn’t edit my list to just ten,” he laughs. “There’s so much happening in all aspects of life in St. Louis.”

“You’ve probably seen St. Louis’ spectacular skyline on television. Bring your video camera to capture your own beauty shot from a specially designed viewing platform at the recently opened Malcolm Martin Memorial Park,” he suggests.

“Reporters keep an eye on trends,” says the veteran news man. “St. Louis is a trendsetter when it comes to beautifying the cityscape” Russ said, referencing Citygarden. The oasis of natural beauty set amidst downtown’s high-rise buildings is a 2.9-acre park is punctuated with water features, landscaping and artwork by internationally renowned sculptors.