Christine Ellis

A love of horses and St. Louis’ history led Christine Ellis to her career with St. Louis Carriage Company where she helps visitors explore St. Louis.

You’ll find her, and often her little Yorkie named Toby, perched on the driver’s seat of a horse-drawn carriage in the historic Laclede’s Landing entertainment district.

“Everyone wants to know about how St. Louis was founded,” says Christine. “I tell them the story of Pierre Laclede and the French heritage of our town while we ride along the river.”

Her horse Curley – as in Larry, Moe and Curley – is a big, dark Percheron. “They’re known as the gentle giants of the horse world,” she explains.

On work days Curley is decked out in colorful braids and a variety of equine bling, including a halter that sports his name in silver. The inseparable duo have been showing St. Louis to visitors at a clip-clop pace for 14 years.

“I tell all my passengers that they have to go see the Arch, and they’re surprised you can actually ride to the top for a great view of St. Louis.”

Other attractions on her tip list include City Museum (“there’s no other place like it”) and a Gateway Riverboat cruise. She also recommends a visit to see the Clydesdales – “the kings of St. Louis horses” – at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour or at Grant’s Farm.

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