Kyle Ulmer

Kyle Ulmer teaches his students hurdle jumps, balancing skills and basketball dunks. He’s not a P.E. instructor at an area school, but the head trainer in charge of sea lions and seals at the Saint Louis Zoo’s First Bank Sea Lion Show.

“These creatures are smart and quite the show offs,” Ulmer says of his flippered cast. “They seem to enjoy performing and are so cute that no one cares if they miss a cue.” Needless to say, the Zoo’s new Sea Lion Sound exhibit and show top Kyle’s list of must see sights in St. Louis.

Kyle also gives his seal of approval to another great animal attraction: Grant’s Farm. “It’s great fun for families and the price is right — you can’t beat free admission.” He has another reason to love the place: he met his wife Kristen there when they trained birds for the animal encounter shows.