Abigail Dowell

Abigail Dowell[2]Student Info
Student Name: Abigail Dowell
School: North Kirkwood Middle School
Age: 13
Grade: 8



I was born in St. Louis and have been privileged to live in and enjoy the city my whole life. St. Louis has attractions for all ages that can be enjoyed any time of the year, such as the Muny, the City Museum, and the Arch.

One of the many wonderful attractions I’ve visited is the Muny. I recently was able to see Oklahoma!, and I was kept on the edge of my seat for all three hours. Christine Cornish Smith and Ben Davis performed so amazingly I had chills go down my spine. All the dancing, singing, and scenes in the show was emotional and moving. Although I’ve seen “Oklahoma!”_ before, it felt like I was seeing it for the first time. The circular theatre reminds me of an Ancient Greek theatre with unreal expanses of stone and marble, intense yet beautiful. The Muny is a welcoming place for all ages to see a spectacular show.

Another attraction, the City Museum, is specifically targeted towards the young at heart. The first time I walked into the City Museum my mouth gaped at the vast indoor playground calling my name.   Little did I know, that was only the first room; the whole building was filled with crazy contraptions to enjoy. I could’ve spent hours upon hours there! As it turns out, the large building used to be a shoe factory. My favorites were the breathtaking slides made from where shoes used to slide down in boxes and the outdoor playground. This outdoor playground has curly intertwining metal tendrils, sprinkled with slides and stairs. The City Museum has many empty rooms to reserve for events; I was once at the City Museum for a fun-filled lock-in. The City Museum is a wonderful place to take anyone for entertainment that will last the whole day.

My last attraction is the Gateway Arch, a magnificent piece of art that has to be experienced in person. The shining silver blocks that make up the arch glitter in the sun beautifully, becoming smaller as they build up to the top. The tall structure and sleek shape reminds me of modern Japanese skyscrapers. The Gateway Arch can be seen from miles away! Below the arch I purchased a ticket, got in, and rode in an egg-shaped pod up to the top for a breathtaking view of St. Louis. I could see miles of tall company buildings, mixed with crumbling houses and rolling green hills. The Arch is a great place to take anyone for a magnificent view of St. Louis from an eagle’s perspective.

These are some of the memorable places that my family and I have enjoyed. The thing about St. Louis is that while it’s a great place in the summer, it has so many more pleasures in the fall with the balloon glow and Loufest. In the winter there’s Steinburg Skating Rink and the Fabulous Fox, and spring where the Botanical Garden comes alive. Saint Louis is a city for all seasons.