Aliza Ahmed

Aliza Ahmed[1]Student Info
Student Name: Aliza Ahmed
School: Pattonville High School
Age: 14
Grade: 9


I’ve lived here in St.Louis my whole life. Recently I visited the Saint Louis Zoo, the Fox Theatre, the City Museum, and Forest park. It was a lot of fun. Everywhere I went I saw history, culture, and inspiration.

The Saint Louis Zoo is a wonderful place. You can see so many exotic animals. I’ve been on many school field trips there, I went there in kindergarten and I still go there now! It’s great for all ages. I love to walk around and see all those animals. If you walk in the penguins building a breeze of cold are makes goose bumps appear on your arms. You look to your left and right and see penguins, close enough to touch. When I go I feel like I’m in Antartica. If you walk under the sea lion bridge you feel like your under the water. Sometimes the seals even swim up to you and interact with you through the glass. It’s an amazing experience and I think everyone should visit the Saint Louis Zoo at least once.

If you like theatre then you should visit the Fox Theatre. They put on great shows and have many artists come to perform. Not to mention, art fills the room. Literally. If you look up at the ceiling when you first walk in and there is a sky painted above you. When you walk into the auditorium there are carvings all around. There is so much to see there, you don’t even have to come for a show! They even have the original organ that replicates the sounds of all the instruments. I love the Fox and can’t wait to go there again!

If I ever get bored I go to the City Museum. My friends and I love to explore the whole place. It’s made of recycled materials and has little caves. There’s always a new hole to crawl in. I like going down the 10 story slide, but the walk up there is quite a workout. There’s even a part of the City Museum that has historical paintings, it’s not all for kids! People of all ages can go and discover the mysteries of the City Museum.

If you like the outdoors, like me, then you’ll love Forest Park! I like to go and see the green, the fresh air is good for me. I like to go and see the birds, and see the people walking dogs. Around September there’s even a hot air balloon race. I normally join in on the fun and sit in the grass to watch them light up the night before! This summer they had a movie night and they showed a Shakespeare play. In front of the history museum they put a screen up, we sat in the grass and watched the movie outside. It was nice to be able to be with friends and not be inside on our electronics.

I love St.Louis! There’s so much to see. I’m never bored.