Thomas Gore

Thomas Gore[2]Student Info
Student Name: Thomas Gore
School: Ste. Genevieve du Bois
Age: 11
Grade: 6



I have lived in St. Louis all of my life and have barely thought of moving out of it. With all of the fun things to do, it’s almost impossible not to be entertained. St. Louis offers both relaxing and exciting locations, such as Busch Stadium or the Zoo. I enjoy spending my time at these locations, and I bet you would too!

St. Louis gave me the relaxation treatment when my family and I went to the Zoo.

When we got there, I quickly went over to the alligators, which are my favorite animal. While we were looking at the American alligator, we noticed a large crowd near the Chinese alligators. When I squeezed through, I immediately noticed that there was a peacock walking on the separation between the Tortoises and the Chinese alligators. The alligators began to close in on the wall where the peacock was walking. The peacock jumped down, and the alligators whipped around. The peacock narrowly escaped! That was probably the most exciting Zoo visit my family and I have ever had.

Our next stop was The Butterfly House. My family and I go each year for the Blue Morpho exhibit. I always liked the smell because it smells like fruit. After ten minutes, I started getting bummed that no butterflies had landed on me. I was even walking slowly! I sat down on that bench that looks like a butterfly. I was sitting unusually still. Mom began to make weird motions at me. Then Mom told me that a butterfly was on me because I was so still. That was another unforgettable St. Louis experience.

Our last stop was Busch Stadium for my grandpa, Bob Forsch’s induction into the Cardinals Hall of Fame. He was one of the pitchers. When we met up with my grandma, we got an escort on a golf cart to Ballpark Village, where the ceremony was taking place. First, we went to the V.I.P area to eat. It had very good food. After that, we went to the area where the Hall of Fame inductees were. It was interesting to see all of the already inducted hall of fame members. My grandpa passed away, so he was unable to accept the award. After that, we watched part of the game. That was one exciting day.

During all of those times, St. Louis offered my family and me a lot as usual. I would think St. Louis would be a great place to visit even if I didn’t live here. I would just have to be warned about what people say, “If you go there, you won’t want to leave!”_ Come to St. Louis, and I promise that you would get as interesting times as mine were!