Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Amela Sijecic

Amela Sijecic; Age: 17, Grade: 12
School:Lindbergh High School


St. Louis, the beautiful and adventurous city completely separate from the rest of Missouri. St. Louis is one of the only cities in the nation that allows its citizens to experience both the rural and suburban environments in one. Downtown St. Louis is popular for many exciting landmarks and events, while the suburbs allow citizens to visit small coffee shops and beautiful naturistic parks. One of the most exciting events I was so grateful to experience was Fair Saint Louis. Fair Saint Louis is an exciting and exclusive event with amazing musical artists, food, and fireworks that occurs beneath the Gateway Arch. I received exclusive VIP access to Fair Saint Louis and therefore was able to devour an incredible dinner before listening to the amazing Andy Grammer and Jason Derulo. I was so close to the stage that I felt as though I could feel them breathing down my neck with every lyric, or it could have been the St. Louis humidity present as it always is. The concert was filled with people from all over the city, coming together as one and feeling chills with each song. The arch is a beautiful land structure that always hosts fun, exciting events or brings people together on any ordinary day.

Across the street from the arch is the City Garden and Kiener Plaza. Whether a family, couple, friends or just one person is looking for something fun to do in St. Louis, this area will have something for everyone. Over the summer I attended numerous free yoga classes in Kiener plaza which allowed me to feel more relaxed for the rest of the day as well as connected to the city. The yoga classes were taught by an instructor from yogabuzz who always made the class a friendly, safe environment. Everyone was welcome and I loved to see all the different people from my city come together as one. Next to Kiener Plaza is the city garden which is kid friendly and incorporates many amazing aspects into one garden. Over the summer, I got to enjoy a fun day with my cousins while walking through the water features and viewing the beautiful sculptures. The spectacular city garden includes many astonishing elements I have never experienced in other cities before. It gives you the vibe of a forest in the middle of a grand city, how much better could it get?

One of the last, but certainly not least places I was able to visit is Forest Park. Forest Park is an enormous park near downtown St. Louis and is 500 acres larger than Central Park! It includes countless activities to participate in for all ages. I spent numerous days in Forest Park experiencing all its fun aspects such as bike riding, kayaking, visiting festivals in the World’s Fair Pavilion, and visiting the zoo. Forest Park truly brings an exciting twist to the city in which I was able to experience different cultures and have fun with my family and friends!