Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Elijah Minor

elijah-grade-6-largeElijah Minor, Age: 11, Grade: 6
Brittany Woods Middle School


Hello! My name is Eli. I have lived in St. Louis for around 5 years, and have gone to almost every tourist attraction in the city. They are all great. I am only here to tell you about three.

First I went to the Science Center. I was there to check out the GROW exhibit. When I went in, there were multiple chickens with a bizarre, UFO-shaped coop. These were the types of hens there: Rhode Island Red, Asian Blue, and the Easter Egger. Next, there was a vine of the sweet potato plant. I do not like the taste of that. But I do like corn, which was also growing! Next to it, bright orange marigolds made my day. On gravel, there was a red tractor. It looked much newer than some at my uncle’s dairy farm! The gigantic combine is for harvesting grains. Its wheel was bigger than me! There were cool displays of the digestive systems of a cow and a pig. Did you know a cow has 5 stomachs? Cool.

Next, I went to the Zoo. On the way to the stingrays, I went across a bridge and saw drakes, mallards, and American White pelicans. When we got to the stingrays and sharks, we had to wash from fingertips to elbows before touching them. The stingrays felt like stuffed animals. While reaching out for one, another one started gnawing on my hand! Good thing they don’t have teeth! At the Children’s Zoo, I brushed and pet goats. I learned that the female ones are bloated because of their digestive system. There was a new exhibit to the zoo, Tasmanian Devil Den. They were asleep in their log. There was a show called Zoo Acres, which I see every summer. Later, I saw chimpanzees playing and eating. There was also a cute baby orangutan. Did you know there are only 200 Cross River gorillas left in the wild? During lunch, a goose came up to me and wanted our food! My favorite bird at the bird house was the Bateluer Eagle.

Last, I went to the Missouri History Museum. The new exhibit is called The Little Black Dress. First, there was an 1867-1871 mourning dress with long sleeves and buttons. Did you know that people went through three stages of mourning when a loved one passed away? Next, there was a 1959 cocktail dress. Some women couldn’t afford fancy dresses, so they dyed their old clothes black. I learned about Coco Chanel and how she changed the fashion of the dress. Next I saw a ribbon with a picture of Abe Lincoln on it, worn by mourners when he died. I designed my own dress and sent it to my grandparents. At the Route 66 exhibit, I saw an old 66 sign. Did you know that Route 66 went through the entire US? I learned how to dial an old phone. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experiences at three St. Louis tourist attractions.