Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Krista Steele

krista-grade-8-largeKrista Steele, Age: 13, Grade: 8
North Kirkwood Middle School

Hometown St. Louis

During the 13 years I’ve lived in St. Louis I’ve discovered a countless amount of magical places. If you’re Louie born or just visiting, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the City Museum, Circus Flora, and the Botanical Gardens.

The first time I saw the City Museum I was mesmerized. A giant welders playground standing in front of me. Intricately cut pieces of metal sewn together into a menacing piece of art. When I walked in I was hit with a massive wave of excitement, there were so many caves and secrets to explore. The damp air of the caves made my hair stand on end, the iridescent crystal changed pigment every second, truly astonishing. The gravity defying school bus, my favorite part, standing over the glass floor staring down at the tiny people below. I trembled as I gazed at the scattered buildings that create our stunning skyline. The City Museum is an amazing, tricked out shoe factory I’ll remember forever.

Speaking of places to remember, Circus Flora is one of them. The tremendous bright red tent is blinding, its flags dancing in the wind. My mind racing from all the thoughts of what tonight’s show would bring. As soon as I take my seat I’m on the edge of it, the tight rope walkers slide along the cable with extreme balance and beauty. The cordage bending ever so slightly under their weight. Then my heart is racing, one women on the rope. She begins her ascent climbing higher and higher with every beat of the intense song, I gasp as she falls but catches herself. A faint smell of manure filled the air, two graceful black horses emerged. Their hair shined in the lights, my breath was taken away by the ever so talented riders dancing on the trotting horses’ backs. Circus Flora is a dazzling one ringed circus, a one ringed circus I’m glad to have in St. Louis.

Another destination I’m glad St. Louis is home to is the Botanical Gardens. My first memory from the Botanical Gardens were the massive fields of bright blazing flowers. Flowers everywhere I turned the next one shining with even more radiance than the last. My favorite part is the Koi fish pond, whenever I visit the gardens I always have to feed them. Their vibrant color standing out in their murky puddle, amazing. Their long bodies rising to the surface, their gaping mouths ready for their snack. Then the lantern festival, each lantern glowing a different color. Their wire skeletons bent into animals and plants, that come alive with burning color. I run for my mom when the China dragon casts its fiery breath down on me. All of my experiences at the Botanical Gardens have been a blast, everyone leaving me in awe.

As my trip down memory lane closes it opens the gates for even more discoveries, in my hometown, of St. Louis.