Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Liam Boeving


Liam Boeving, Age: 9, Grade: 4
School: Home School

My Trips to St. Louis

St. Louis is awesome because it has many fun places to visit. St. Louis has a spectacular zoo; sport events; the Muny, where musicals are performed outside; and trails. Below are the fun places I went to this summer.

First, I went to the zoo. The zoo has all kinds of animals such as, tasmanian devils, naked mole rats, and okapis. General admission is free. Also, the carousel, children’s zoo, and petting sharks and stingrays are all free the first hour the zoo is open. I liked the train ride because of the tunnels. I saw sea lions, naked mole rats, and an elephant get fed. The zoo has signs with name and information about the animal you are looking at right then. Another thing about the zoo is that you can see animals that you may have always wanted to see in person; I saw a lion.

Also, I went to a Blues game. I like how they show a picture of the Blues players on a banner on the outside of the stadium. It was the Stanley Cup semi-finals, and my seat was almost in the front row. The teams would slam each other a lot, and the Sharks, the opponent, broke their sticks an awful lot. Everyone was happy and high in energy. Then in the last 50 seconds, the opponent scored one more point putting them ahead of the Blues by two points. I got my first rally towel there. A stranger, sitting next to us, gave my sister a stuffed Louie and I a hockey puck. It was a great surprise.

In addition, I went to the Muny at the end of the summer to watch “Fiddler on the Roof.” If you find a seat in the back, the show is free. Though if you sit in the front, you have to pay. I brought food there to eat, but you can also buy food. I would like to go more often because I like nature, the music, and scenes/props. They perform good musicals there. Also at the Muny, you can watch the Muny kids dance before the show.

Next, St. Louis has beautiful hiking trails showing St. Louis’ nature, thanks to the Missouri Conservation Department. My favorite hiking trails were Rockwoods Reservation’s Rock Quarry and Turkey Ridge Trails. Rock Quarry has a 2.2-miles loop or a 1.0-mile loop; I took the 2.2-miles loop. On Turkey Ridge, there is only a 2.0-miles loop. I really wanted to take the Green Rock Trail, which is 3.6-miles. I also went to Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center and went on Hickory Ridge 1.2-miles loop.

In conclusion, St. Louis is awesome because it has a zoo, sport events, the Muny, hiking trails, and so much more. You have to go to St. Louis!