Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Madeline Minor

Madeline Minor, Age: 9, Grade: 4
School: Flynn Park Elementary School


Hello! My name is Madeline. I am 9 years old and have been living in St. Louis for five-and-a-half years. All the places I have visited in St. Louis are great, but I am going to tell you about three today.

I love to play and listen to music. That’s why I went to the Scott Joplin House. Scott Joplin knew how to sing, and of course, play the piano. He invented ragtime music, including “The Maple Leaf Rag,” “The Entertainer,” and “Bethena.” At the house, part of the tour was a player piano. All you have to do is pedal and you can play his music! The tour guide reminded us that back when Scott Joplin was alive, there was no air conditioning or heating. It was a hot day when I came, and it made me wonder how they lived! I saw the desk and the piano he composed his music on. I had a lot of fun learning about Scott Joplin, his ragtime music, and the era he lived in.

Now I will tell you about the Old Court House, which is downtown. The Old Court House is big and has original Missouri marble floor. About six American flags hung inside. There were four stories, and we went up to see all of them. Everything was shiny marble! Also, if you look up, you’ll see the point of the dome from the inside! I learned about Dred Scott, a slave who tried to win his freedom at the Old Court House.  While at the courthouse, I learned that even before slavery existed how the Indian land got destroyed.

Now I will tell you about Forest Park, a beautiful place to jog, walk your dog, explore, or have a picnic. I recommend having a picnic near the Pagoda Circle.  My family and I have done that in the evening, and have always enjoyed how peaceful it is! I also recommend exploring because I have found a stork, many plants and flowers, and ponds with many turtles. I also found a bridge I had never seen before! I have walked near the Muny, but I haven’t gone inside. There are many other places to go in forest park, including, the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, the Science Center, and  the Muny.  All of them are great to go to! Thank You for reading my essay, and I hope if you’re visiting St. Louis, you’ll enjoy its astonishing attractions.