Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Marissa Etwaroo

Marissa Etwaroo, Age: 17, Grade: 12
School: Pattonville High School


Just west of the Mississippi River lie’s St. Louis, the Gateway to the West. Our city is home to over 300,000 proud citizens and is ever growing. St. Louis is most recognized for the exquisite Gateway Arch, however there are countless other unappreciated attractions our city has to offer. Although I have resided in St. Louis for all seventeen years of my life, the city never ceases to astound me. There are still occasions in which I manage to take on the role of a tourist in my hometown. This summer, I challenged my self to explore and visit a few overlooked attractions that distinguish my city.

Just within University City, lies the stretch of the Delmar Loop. Down this long, vivacious street lie’s many unique shops and flavorful restaurants. These businesses are one of a kind, each offering its own distinctive contribution to The Loop. As you walk down the road, varying colors, sounds, and smells bombard your senses. Whether it is the strong, sweet smell of coffee from the local cafe or the music blaring from an indoor lounge, there is no denying that The Loop is the center for entertainment and exploration. You can’t help but notice the people around you laughing and soaking in the immense culture integrated within this street. The Loop is unquestionably a must for any tourist or St. Louis local.

The Hollywood Amphitheater is one of the lesser-known tourist attractions of the city. However, during the summer, this arena truly comes to life. Day after day, thousands of passionate fans travel to experience their favorite artist’s as they serenade them into the night. Despite the blazing heat of the summer, people will stand and unite with other individuals to sing their favorite songs under the sunset.

Hands-down, one of the grandest attractions within St. Louis has to be Busch Stadium. The atmosphere surrounding the stadium is unlike any other. Everyone entering the stadium is genuinely eager to support their team as they sport the renowned Cardinal red. There is something special about physically being at a Cardinals game versus tuning in on the radio or television. The sea of red that surrounds you and the traditional organ tune that echo’s throughout the game is a key staple of any St. Louis Cardinal’s game. The welcoming environment, fervor of the fans, and breathtaking view are all aspects that make Busch Stadium baseball heaven.

If someone had asked me five years ago what my favorite thing about St. Louis was, I would have said the City Museum. I now realize that while the attractions and stores are stellar, it’s the people that inhabit the city that makes St. Louis the majestic locale it is. So meet me in St. Louis, the city that genuinely has it all.