Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Nick Drey

Nick Drey, Age: 9, Grade: 4
School: Crossroads Elementary


Hi, my name is Nick Drey and I am 9 years old.  I have lived in St. Louis my entire life.  St. Louis is an amazing place to be a kid.  There’s so much to do.  Here are three places I love in St. Louis.

Did you know there is a Wax Museum in St. Louis.  Not many people know about the Wax Museum in Laclede’s Landing.   There are 5 floors of wax figures.  Everything from historical figures like George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr to movie characters like Iron Man and Star Trek.  My favorite figure was the soldier in the WWII section.  He looked real.  Beware of the basement….this is where they have the “Chamber of Horrors.”  You might get scared!!  But, you can get ice cream there when your done looking at all the wax figures.

Next I would like to talk to you about Six Flags.  Six Flags is a theme park with all sorts of thrilling rides.  There’s Justice League which is a 3D ride.  The Log Flume is a great family ride.  If it’s a hot, steamy day go on the Tidal Wave, it will get you soaked.  There are all sorts of rollercoasters at Six Flags.  The Fireball, which is a looping coaster, American Thunder and the Boss.  My favorites are the Screaming Eagle and the Ninja.  Six Flags is the coaster capital of Missouri.  If you get tired of the rides, you can head to Hurricane Harbor, which is a water park in Six Flags.  There’s tons of fun to be had there.

Finally, I’d like to tell you about Grant’s Farm.  Grant’s Farm is an awesome, free attraction.  It is like a small zoo.  You can feed goats,birds, and llamas.  You can ride a camel or a horse.  They also have animal shows.  There is a section in the park where there are horse stables.  The horses are really nice and you can pet them.   Also, Grant’s Farm house many Clydesdales horses.  Clydesdale are huge, beautiful horses.  Grant’s Farm is really fun!!

Whether you live in St. Louis like me or visiting sometime in the future, there are many awesome things you can do.  I hope you get a chance to visit the one’s told you about.