Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Nicole Pacheco

Nicole Pacheco, Age: 14, Grade: 9
School: Collinsville High School


St. Louis – where diverse cultures, mellifluous sounds, and wonderful people conflate to make the city shine brighter than the stars at night do. With so many attractions in sight, the excitement of when I went to the Science Museum, The St. Louis Zoo, and Laumeire Park still lingers in my thoughts.

First off, The St. Louis Zoo has so many animals that it’s hard not to run around and get lost amongst the crowd that’s filled with laughter and happiness! There’s so many exhibits, such as mischievous monkeys swinging around tree branches, penguins gliding on the ice as they try to show off, and the sea lions doing tricks for you as your fingers curl on your seat from how close you are. Amongst that, there’s also a train for you to ride on if you’re tired but want to look at the animals! And if you’re ever in doubt about going, just remember that you can go under a tunnel to watch sea lions swim ! Or touch some sting rays if you’re brave enough! And from experience, it never lessens to make me feel like a young and happy kid again, with no worries in the world because the zoo has such a content and exciting aura that I never seem to get bored of!

But then there’s this hidden place called Laumeire Park that my family and I accidentally found. To be quite frank, it was the best mistake ever. This is where the sounds of squealing kids buzz in your ears as they drag their parents towards the biggest sculptures I’ve ever laid eyes on! Oh what a sight it was to see them up close! There’s beautiful flowers all over the huge field, trails for you to hike, and a variety of complimentary art (like this huge eyeball) everywhere that I can see why photographers go there all the time! Plus, it’s so relaxing since there’s always shade somewhere and the chirping of birds, that I almost fell into an abyss of sleep the last time I went!

After that, there’s the Science Center, a place that mixes education and fun that you forget your brain is consuming so much information! My parents always took me there when I was a kid, and going again after years, made me feel nostalgic because it took me down memory lane. That place is filled with everything! Dinosaur fossils, space shuttles, star gazing, and even movies that you can watch! There’s always variety of activity you can jump into like digging up dinosaur fossils or even experimenting with electricity! Yes, the dinosaur fossils in display there may be old, but having a great time there never is!

Lastly, even though my family and I have traveled to many beautiful states, St. Louis has something unique that can’t be replaced. The city I’ve loved for the past 14 years of my life, is one of the best places to visit if you ever want to embark on a memorable adventure with your family!