Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Riley Schwantner

Riley Schwantner, Age: 10, Grade: 5
School: Our Lady Queen of Peace


Hello my name is Riley. I am from House springs and my family and I spent most of our time in and around St. Louis. In St. Louis there are many fun attractions that we visited this summer like Six Flags, Magic House, and Meramec Caverns.  These are only a few of the places I visited. There are many other attractions that might interest you if these don’t.  I am thankful to live in a city where there is tons of stuff to do and great learning experiences.

My favorite place was Six Flags because I went upside down on the Batman. It is amazing to visit especially when it’s a really hot day because of Hurricane Harbor.  The lazy river is fun for everyone in the family.  My favorite rides are American Thunder, Thunder River, and Tsunami. There is a new ride called Spinsanity and they say it’s the world’s largest fidget spinner that goes back and forth.  If you are scared to ride American Thunder or Screaming Eagle then try the Mine Train. Tidal Wave is like the Log Flume, except you get soaked.   Six Flags is the biggest amusement park in St. Louis, and is great for any age.

The Magic House is also a very fun place to visit because there are many levels and is prefect for any age. There are many things to do like the bubble room where you can dip a big bubble circle in bubbles and pull it above you to make a big bubble around you. You can also run a pizza place, a vet, a library, a hospital, a store or a car shop.  On your way to the tree house, you will come upon the pond.  Within the pond you can fish using a pole that is magnetic to the fish.  There is also a mock court room.  I was able to play judge and also a juror.  I also sat in the President’s chair and made a phone call to the Secret Service. Whether you are 50 years old or 2 years old, there is something for you to do.   I can’t wait to go back because there is so much to do.

Meramec Caverns is the coolest cave.  There is a spot in the cave that they do a light show and play songs about our Country.  This is a cave that Jesse James and his other outlaws were hiding out in.  It is cold in the cave and even in the summer you have to wear a jacket.  When you are taken on the tour, the tour guide takes you through were most of Jesse James made pathways. The caverns have history back to the Civil War.  You can take a boat ride on the Meramec River, there is zip line, and you can also camp.  We are lucky to have such history in our state with Meramec Caverns.

St. Louis is a great family destination even if you already live here.