Ultimate Tourist St. Louis – Stanley Ding

stanley-grade-9-largeStanley Ding, Age: 14, Grade: 9
School: MICDS


Do you want to eat great meals, watch exciting sports, and experience a variety of exotic cultures in a giant garden? Who wouldn’t want such ecstatic experiences! Best of all, these and more are possible in St. Louis.

Driving down Olive Road, my family and I headed toward The Shack, a new restaurant known for delicious breakfast food, reasonable prices, and wooden plank walls filled with messages and names. As my family walked in, we were greeted with the kind staff, offering us a place to sit and a welcoming atmosphere. As I slid into the booth, my eyes wandered, staring at the immense number of names and messages written on the walls. Slowly, I took out my sharpie and chose a rare open space on the wall filled with thousands of names. As I opened the sharpie and began signing my name on the wall, an aroma of wondrous food quickly hit my nose. My food, a delicious skillet of bacon, hash browns, eggs, and onions was here. Breakfast at the Shack was a wonderful start to a stupendous day.

Next, we drove down I-270 South, to reach the well maintained fields at Soccer Park. Known for its thousands of enthusiastic soccer fans, St. Louis hosts scores of recreational and international tournaments yearly, drawing many soccer players around the nation. Today, my family was going to watch STL FC, a professional soccer team, playing against a strong Seattle Sounders 2. Finding our seats was difficult, as the small stadium was already brimming with hundreds of supporters. Fans painted in green and black were chanting, others were praising the players, providing a special environment that no other city or stadium could provide. STL FC may have tied the game, but the experience that the fans provided was unforgettable.

Then, we drove down Highway-44, soon arriving at the Missouri Botanical Garden. A magnificent garden with a diverse selection of flowers and other plants, the world-renowned botanical garden, is the setting of many festivals and shows in St. Louis. One exceptionally magnificent festival is the Chinese Lantern Festival that illuminates the night with thousands of beautifully decorated lanterns. These lanterns replicate long dragons, pandas, and many other Chinese symbols. Strolling through the gardens, I stared at the huge orchid and chrysanthemum lanterns casting a pastel glow over the lush vegetation of the garden. In front of the Climatron, two gigantic dragons writhe while breathing rose-colored smoke at one another. Attending the lantern festival at the garden, I felt as though I’d visited an enchanting land of light.

St. Louis has an array of attractions ranging from good eats, to an intense sports environment. I have been privileged to grow up here and experience the wonders that this city brings to tourists. St. Louis is a city with a never-ending source of enjoyable tourist attractions.