Zoe Nauman

Zoe NaumanStudent Info
Student Name: Zoe Nauman
School: North Glendale Elementary
Age: 9
Grade: 4


St. Louis is awesome and here are some reasons why. This summer I went to the zoo, the art museum, The Magic House, a Cardinal’s baseball game, and Six Flags. First I will tell you about my visit to the zoo. I got to pet a slimy but soft string ray. I also got to see the new polar bear and it was so adorable that I wish I could take it home with me. It kept doing somersaults and banging against the glass wall. It was huge but cute at the same time! I went to the art museum and the art was very beautiful. I liked the Egyptian part, especially all of the mummy coffins and I liked to look at the years they were buried because it was so long ago. Next I went to The Magic House which one of my favorite places to go. We have a pass there and I got to take my best friend, Morgan, with me. We touched the big static ball together and our long hair went flying! We also did funny poses on the shadow wall. My family went to a Cardinal’s baseball game. We didn’t have to pay for two of the tickets because my sister got a straight A ticket and my brother won a free ticket from our library. There was a grand slam and fireworks and it was so fun because we were all cheering and together as a family. Last, I went to Six Flags with our neighbors. It was fun because one of my neighbors is my age. We went on Pandemonium and I was scared at first but my sister calmed me down and right when she said to not be scared when we were going up the hill my neighbor kept saying “be scared” but then I had a great time on the ride. I went on so many rides there and had a great time. These places make me love St. Louis so much!