The Easter Bunny’s St. Louis Hook-up

Wednesday April 9, 2014

turkish coffee chocolate truffleBunnies are harbingers of spring. And the number one bunny, the Easter Bunny, has made St Louis his main supply depot for chocolate bunnies, foil wrapped chocolate eggs and candies. “We’re the hook-up for the Easter Bunny.  He comes here for all his chocolate bunnies and eggs,” smiled Dan Abel, Jr, owner of Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, a second-generation chocolatier who knows what the Easter Bunny needs to fill those holiday baskets. “Easter is all about the chocolate. That’s why we call it our (chocolate/candy makers) holiday.”

Since it’s all about the chocolate, Abel and his corps of artisan candy makers will be kept hopping now through Easter to keep up with the demand the Easter Bunny brings. Expected CCC’s totals for this year includes over 100,000 hand-wrapped foiled Easter eggs filled with a variety of fillings along with countless chocolate bunnies ranging in size from a modest one-ounce bunny to a goliath-sized 35-pound, three-foot rabbit.  Knowing how fast bunnies can produce I asked how many bunnies the company makes. Abel said, “I’ve never been able to count them all. I do know we can fill a semi-truck with them.”

Bunnies, surprisingly, ranks number three on the most wanted in the basket list. Marshmallow eggs are in first place. Marshmallow eggs have been a traditional favorite since the days of Mavrakos, the legendary St. Louis candy company that operated from 1913 until 1984.         Fortunately, Mavrakos chocolate recipes were given to Dan Abel Sr., who in turn re-launched the brand as a part of the their company’s product line, featuring the same recipes and chocolate collections as the Rosebud box, another classic for Easter.

What’s your preference … foot, arm or ears?

kakao chocolate bunniesKakao Chocolate makes all-natural, hand-made chocolate bunnies in small batches using only the finest ingredients, with no artificial flavors. Easter is busy time for Kakao but with two locations you are sure to score all your favorite treats this season. From bunnies to marshmallow snowbirds, Brian Pelletier and his team are busy creating exceptional artisan chocolates and confections.

Chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first, according to 76% of Americans. That’s great news to the folks at Kakao as they follow that wise old saying; waste not, want not. Pelletier says, “Sometimes a bunny doesn’t make it out of the mold intact. That’s when we get bunny ears!” Yep, Kakao saves those precious ears and for just $3 you can take the best part of the chocolate bunny home – that’s according to 76% of the population!

So, to answer the question … it’s will always be about the ears!

Did you know? Candy is a relatively recent Easter tradition. Chocolate eggs, the most popular Easter candy, were first made in Europe in the early 1800s.

Guest Blogger Suzanne Corbett a freelance writer from St. Louis, Missouri contributed to this blog.

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