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Alarm Will Sound presents Mind Out of Matter

September 21, 8:00 pm | The Sheldon Concert Hall & Art Galleries | $10 – $20

Alarm Will Sound, the contemporary music ensemble known for testing the boundaries of musical performance, presents Mind Out of Matter by Scott Johnson at the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries.

Mind Out of Matter (called a “tour de force on the idea of ideas” by The Boston Globe) is a 74-minute, eight movement suite that brings together Scott Johnson’s mix of pop sensibilities and classical rigor with his groundbreaking work in transcribing speech into music. The work incorporates the recorded voice of Daniel C. Dennett, noted philosopher, author, and cognitive scientist. Dennett’s phrases become melodies with which the musicians have dialogue. Musical styles as disparate as retro-funk and Baroque recitative blend to illuminate Dennett’s central claim: just as living organisms evolve in the physical environment, ideas and traditions compete within ecosystems made up of human minds and cultures. Religious ideas populate our minds, multiply within our cultures, and spread like viruses—sometimes to our benefit, sometimes not. 

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