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Aly and AJ

May 3, 8:00 pm | Delmar Hall | $26 – $30

This is just the start,” muses Aly Michalka, one half of musical duo, Aly and AJ. From their homes in LA, the sisters Aly + AJ Michalka are reflecting on the their new found sound and forthcoming music. Their energy and excitement impossible to ignore.


The duo, who have sold over 2 million records worldwide, return after a 10 year musical hiatus. Their energy completely renewed, Aly + AJ’s music exudes that same vigor- each song teaming with a slow burning restlessness that’s nestled amongst textured melodies and 808 drums, with nostalgic synth hits.


10 years prior, the girls were in a different place. “Aly and I felt personally discouraged by music in general,” explains AJ on their time away from songwriting. “We still had so much to prove to people, even though we had made a mark in the industry. It honestly was overwhelming,” she adds.


The duo are no strangers to success- they first made their mark with their 2005 gold certified debut record, Into The Rush which debuted at number 36 on the Billboard charts. They followed with their sophomore effort, Insomniatic, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard charts. Amassing a global following and constantly touring internationally, the duo were hit with various frustrations, from projects being put on hold due to their acting careers, to songs leaking online.

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