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Bento Rakugo presented by UMSL International Studies and Programs

Rakugo is a traditional Japanese comic storytelling where a performer sits on zabuton, a Japanese cushion, and tells a comic story using a sensu (fan), and a tenugi  (towel).   With Kabuki and Bunraku, Rakugo endures as one of the most popular forms of Japanese traditional theatre.

Bento Rakugo, founded in 2011, is a dynamic group dedicated to honoring traditional Rakugo. The group creates a modern twist by performing stories in English, sharing the deep history of the art form. Following traditional Rakugo Yose style in Japan, a show contains a couple of Rakugo stories and an Iromono variety act performance, which varies from a lion dance to Japanese traditional juggling.

This performance features a pre-show talk. Please arrive 50 minutes early for the pre-show discussion.

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