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Finding Common Ground: The Photography of Oraien Catledge and Jay Stock

February 20, 11:00 am TO 5:00 pm
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| International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum | Free

For nearly two decades, Oraien Catledge visited the small Atlanta, Georgia community of Cabbagetown photographing its people as they lived in houses, front porches and backyards. The self-taught, visually impaired photographer’s weekly visits and generosity sharing prints endeared him to residents, quickly building their mutual trust. Catledge returned frequently throughout the 80s and early 90s documenting the people of Cabbagetown, creating a vast archive of black and white images. Catledge’s Cabbagetown photographs demonstrate his social consciousness and concern for the people he photographed, but also the strength, determination, and joy of life held by Cabbage-town residents despite the adversity they faced.


For over 70 years, photographer Jay Stock has documented people of many different cultures and traditions. He created photographic studies of the Amish, Native American tribes, Los Angeles street gangs, coal miners of South Wales, and numerous African tribes. His open, charismatic personality helped him form close relationships with each group he visited, gaining access and bearing witness to the lifestyles and beliefs of the people he photographed. Stock produced a vast and varied series of images that offer an intimate and personal glimpse into lives seldom seen by the outside world.

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