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Inside the 1904 World’s Fair, with Karl M. Kindt III

Virtual Lecture


Captured on 8×10 glass plate negatives are the seldom seen exhibits inside the grand Palaces and Buildings that once graced 1,500 acres of St. Louis’s Forest Park. In this presentation, you will go inside these Fair buildings and walk along the 75 miles of exhibits to see what the Fair goers saw and often purchased. French gowns and furniture and toys, scales that spoke your weight, the rifles you could purchase and use on the Fairgrounds shooting range, the tapestries, jewelry. Be measured for a pair of shoes and watch them be made in the Palace of Manufacture. See the world’s largest photograph 72 feet long. Listen to the world’s largest organ (which still exists and is still the largest organ in the world. Watch as puffed rice is shot into a large container and get a free bag of this new cereal. Watch as someone on the Pike demonstrates the hootcie cootchie dance. Step inside and observe world famous spelling horse Jim Key spell your name! Go inside the Palace of electricity and hold onto a brass rail to ‘feel’ the current. Go up in the 500-foot telegraph/radio tower and observe the whole fair grounds in a sweeping panorama. During the slideshow you will observe all this and much much more as you see what was in display inside the marvelous Palaces that were entered by over 19 million visitors to what was and still is the world’s largest Fair ever held on planet earth.

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