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Jude Hagene’s Campfire

August 14 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Campfire is the name of our organization and the name of our event - it is a place for reflection and stories on life and how we live it. We teach an interactive and conversational speaking style to storytellers who share their personal narrative from the stage. These are one-hour long events, free and open to the public at Work & Leisure in Midtown!

About our storyteller: Jude Hagene is a St. Louis native gal who believes in living enthusiastically and without regret! She has spent over 40 years bringing the love of learning to children and adults in many different settings. The constant thread throughout her life as a teacher, writer, theatre person, mother and friend has been the power of story. Through Campfire classes, and now as a Campfire Fellow, Jude has the opportunity and honor to share her belief in humanity and the magic of connection to a wider audience. Your heart will be warmed!

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