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Marissa Brooks’ Campfire

November 13 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Campfire is the name of our organization and the name of our event - it is a place for reflection and stories on life and how we live it. We teach an interactive and conversational speaking style to storytellers who share their personal narrative from the stage. These are one-hour long events, free and open to the public at Work & Leisure in Midtown!

This event is in partnership with the STL Storytelling Festival.
About our storyteller: Marissa Brooks was raised on simple words with powerful messages. Growing up in Louisville, KY, she spent most of her time at her grandparents’ house. Although Marissa had a beautiful childhood, she experienced many challenges, and her favorite person to process with was her grandmother, Pearlie Mae Brooks. Pearlie had the most comfortable sofa where Marissa would rest, cocooned in a blanket, as Pearlie sat across from Marissa in her reclining chair, sharing the gems of her life story. It was there on that blue couch where Marissa’s grandmother established a tradition of meaningful dialogue and storytelling practice that has been an anchor throughout Marissa’s life.

At 8, Marissa’s grandmother and Marissa crafted her first 4-H speech, “Rattlesnakes: Friend or Foe,” on Pearlie’s blue couch. At 16, waiting for a tardy date, they laughed about his press and curl, dubbed “Jerome in the house” by classmates. The blue couch witnessed Marissa’s first pregnancy at 21, Pearlie’s words guiding Marissa through motherhood. Storytelling became Marissa’s conduit for life lessons and comprehension of the world.
While pursuing a Ph.D. in St. Louis, Marissa encountered a pivotal moment when physical limitations forced her to pause, pray, and relinquish control. In this unexpected hiatus, she discovered Campfire. Returning to the foundation established on her grandmother’s blue couch, Marissa embraces new wisdom and community while acknowledging the power of new beginnings. She now has her own blue couch where she imparts knowledge to her children, reflecting on the life lessons that stories hold.

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