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Mary Meachum Celebration

May 5, 12:00 pm TO 5:00 pm | Along the Mississippi Greenway | Free

All ages welcome to the mighty Mississippi’s banks to experience
an  important piece of St. Louis history. This year’s theme for the Mary Meachum Celebration is Prejudice on the Pike.

In 1855 , a free-born black woman, Mary Meachum, believed slavery was wrong and did something about it. In 1904, the world was invited to St. Louis, unless you were a person of color. Then you worked or were on display. Join the Mary Meachum Celebration to rediscover the full history of this moment.

There will be a “Pike” along the bike trail to recreate the festivities of the 1904 World’s Fair. On the stage, there will be church choirs singing the new type of church music – gospel. Of course, there will be a performance of vignettes recreating the Black experience on the main stage and throughout the festival site. There will be Vaudeville type acts, including magic show by Circus Harmony, and some international acts such Middle Eastern Dance and African drumming. To represent the Anthropology Village that had humans on display, we are using life size photos from the fair to explain the various cultures that were exploited during the fair.

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