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Pokémon GO Safari Zone St. Louis

March 27 TO March 29 | Tower Grove Park

We’re excited to have the very first Safari Zone event of the year take place in St. Louis, Missouri! This cultural hub of music, sports, and beautiful parks will be home to Safari Zone St. Louis from Friday, March 27, to Sunday, March 29, 2020. Trainers can look forward to encountering Mankey, Unown S, Teddiursa, Snivy, and Ferroseed throughout the park.  Trainers from the northern hemisphere can sing for joy: Chatot, which usually appears only in the southern hemisphere, will also be appearing in Tower Grove Park.


Tickets can be purchased in your Pokémon GO App!

How to Purchase Tickets

1. Tap on Pokémon icon on home screen
2. Navigate to Events
3. Tap on the event
4. Select ‘Get tickets’

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