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The Band of Heathens

September 20, 8:00 pm | The Sheldon Concert Hall & Art Galleries | $20

Made up of Ed Jurdi, guitar, keys and vocals; Gordy Quist, guitar and vocals; Trevor Nealon, keys and vocals; Richard Milsap, drums and vocals; and Scott Davis, bass and vocals, Americana group The Band of Heathens mark their 10th anniversary with the release of their 8th album, Duende. Focused around the theme of connection in our increasingly technology-obsessed world, the new material touches on favorite topics of the band, including life on the road, social media absorption, the limits of materialism and immigration.


Based in Austin, TX, The Band of Heathens draw from a range of influences, from The Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Sly and the Family Stone and traditional Latin music. “We’re taking our influences and pushing them into different sonic territory,” says founder Ed Jurdi. “More than ever, people need to feel connected. Just like Paul Revere or the town crier, we’re messengers trying to spread the good word and tap into the communal spirit that is created in the wake of music and song.”

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