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The Midnight

October 11, 8:00 pm | The Pageant | $30 – $35

The Midnight, the duo of producer Tim Daniel McEwan and singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle, are masters of flipping the disparate archetypes of yearning American youth — think everything from John Hughes films and the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” music video to Snapchats of ravers losing it to a big bass drop and the lonesome sway of the “lofi hip hop radio – beats to study / relax to” YouTube channel — into their own modern collage that finds a throughline between generations of teenage ennui.


Their music fuses this Americana with an evocative electronic palette that incorporates synth-driven film scores, dance music, synth-pop, and rock, creating an enveloping harmony of richly textured sonics and poignant lyrical imagery. Each song cultivates a story written on a bedrock of universal themes and eternal hooks, coming together to create a body of work that unifies an enthusiastic global fan base.


This movement McEwan and Lyle have been building since 2014 began online with their debut album DAYS OF THUNDER, and over the past six years has become an encompassing, multi-sensory opportunity to find community wherever someone goes. Fans come together online on every platform imaginable, streaming and downloading their previous releases – Endless Summer (2016), Nocturnal (2017) and Kids (2018) millions of times, and jumping over to spaces like social media and Reddit to hermeneutically dissect The Midnight’s body of work with a loving passion. They come together, 15,000 at once, to experience a livestream benefit the band puts together. They make fan videos. They blast the records at parties and crank up the volume on their car stereos. They show up by the thousands to sold-out shows on multiple continents. Fans see themselves in the movement and want to bring in more people. With The Midnight, you’re never alone.


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