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October 19, 7:00 pm | The Pageant | $35 – $40

From the moment they hit the ground a decade ago, TURNSTILE have never stopped moving forward — and they’re sure as hell not about to look back. The Baltimore band, comprised of singer Brendan Yates, guitarists Brady Ebert and Pat McCrory, bassist Franz Lyons, and drummer Daniel Fang, immediately distinguished themselves from the pack with their infectious, aggressive punk fusion; their welcoming, satisfying live shows; and most importantly, their willingness to experiment, as seen by the steady evolution from their early demos to 2018’s Roadrunner ambitious debut Time & Space, the latter of which earned renown from The New York Times, NPRThe FADER, and others. The only constant in the TURNSTILE universe, aside from love, is progression.


Having laid the foundations for their new album, GLOW ON, in the before times of summer 2019, the band took quarantine and the resultant tour cancellations as an opportunity to buckle down and devote their full and undivided attention to the album-making process. As Yates puts it, the stars aligned: “It turned off any potential for us to get distracted by traveling, and let us focus on these ideas we had.” Finding a studio housed inside a barn, tucked away in an isolated corner of rural Tennessee, only affirmed their aims: creating a self-contained universe of pure, united, unfiltered energy created entirely on their own terms, sustained as always by empathy and spirit.


If Time & Space marked the sound of TURNSTILE charting new ground for hardcore, expanding stylistic boundaries and celebrating new possibilities, then GLOW ON is that utopic vision fully realized; 15 tracks devoid of boundaries, only abundant imagination, heart, and grooves plucked from all corners of the musical spectrum. Hardcore remains the heart of TURNSTILE’s sound — songs like “BLACKOUT” and “T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION)” are guaranteed to stir up that heavy energy — but it moves to a more alien pulse this time around, an incessant arrhythmia that consistently keeps you guessing minute to minute, track to track.

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