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Van McElwee: Time Fork

July 28, 8:00 am TO 7:00 pm
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| Laumeier Sculpture Park

Laumeier Sculpture Park is proud to present Van McElwee: Time Fork. McElwee, a local media artist, will create an Augmented Reality environment contemplating choices and possibilities, each choice crafting a new world. Created from a topographical drone mapping of Laumeier, imagined structures will be placed virtually within the landscape at Laumeier. McElwee’s interactive application incorporates both sculpture and the natural landscape that will offer an alternative Laumeier experience for visitors using their hand-held personal devices. Time Fork will be a remarkable setting for pondering the nature of choices, time, and reality itself.


Time Fork, organized as a walking tour of the Park viewed through the lens of technology, entertains a playful fiction: roughly a thousand years ago, time branched to create a parallel world. In McElwee’s installation he will use Augmented Reality to reveal features of a settlement that exists in that parallel or even future world, overlapping what we know as Laumeier Sculpture Park. McElwee explains: “We see structures that could be under construction or in ruins; they could have a ritual, municipal or even an industrial function. Using phones or tablets as windows, viewers can fully explore these mysteries, inside and out, a tool that is at least conceptually, archeological and anthropological.”

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