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Vera Sola

May 22, 8:00 pm | Blueberry Hill | $12 – $14

A family of spiritualists, writers and performers generations deep; a home haunted by legends of literature and music; personal upheaval and a sense of being unseated in time: these are the origins of the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vera Sola.

As a child she played piano, later guitar and bass, learning more by instinct than instruction. An obsessive reader and writer, she filled notebooks full of poetry and fell in love at a young age with Russian literature and the work of Dylan Thomas, James Joyce, and William Faulkner. All of this, along with a career as a stage and voice actor — combined with years of touring in Elvis Perkins’ band — would serve as a launching point for Vera Sola.
But it wasn’t until early 2017, when she booked time at Native Sound Studio in St. Louis, that she began to experiment with the idea of recording her own material. She hadn’t even shared her music with her closest friends and family, let alone recorded anything of her own.Even then, despite a lineage and lifetime of public performance, she felt a barrier to her voice. Writing and playing came easily, but singing her own songs presented a different challenge. One she couldn’t explain and couldn’t quite shake.That would all change. Just before she was to travel to St. Louis, a series of life-altering events marked a radical shift that reframed her relationship to her music. With everything, she’d known to be true now unraveled, along with it vanished the fear that had prevented her from translating the sound in her blood into song.

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