Hear this Week – Live Music in St. Louis November 27 – December 1

Monday November 27, 2017

The weather is getting colder, so let’s warm ourselves up with some smokin’ live music with these Bands of Note:

Tuesday, November 28 – Few shows are more worth your support than Cool Together: Kids Rock Cancer Benefit Concert at Jazz at the Bistro. Featuring the music of composer and lyricist Al Hammerman and an all-star cast including Alan Ox, Erin Bode, Brian Owens, and Arvell Keithley, this is for a good cause and will be immensely enjoyable. Doors open at 7:15, $100–$150

Wednesday, November 29 – At the Venice Café, DJ Rob Holtzman takes to the turntables for an audacious and argument-worthy show called “100 Songs to Hear Before You Die.” 4, no cover.

Thursday, November 30 – Looking for some old music in a new place? Head to Koken Art Factory for a “Thursday House Shout” with swingin’ Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers. 8:45, no cover.

Friday, December 1 – At the Webster Groves CJ Muggs, Three of a Perfect Pair take the stage and share their stunning harmonies on tunes from the blues to the Beatles. 9, no cover.

Sunday, December 3 – Cornet Chop Suey featuring John Gillick on drums takes the stage at the Moolah Shrine Temple Oasis Room. This event is sponsored by the St. Louis Jazz Club. 2:00 p.m., $15–$20.

What the Locals Know – The Irish music is always on tap at McGurk’s, one of the most popular bars of its kind in the Midwest. Musicians from the Emerald Isle to those of Irish descent who are more local are always on the stage. Through December 2nd, the Irish Brigade are playing most nights.

Music Note of Note: Kingshighway Boulevard was the original US Highway 61, and St. Louis’s Roosevelt Sykes wrote the famous blues song “Highway 61 Blues” about the thoroughfare. The lyrics he wrote include the lines “When I hit Grand Avenue, looks like my troubles just begun …Lord it breaks my heart, to sing about Highway 61.” Of course, this Mississippi Blues trail that goes through the heart of our downtown would also inspire a certain folk singer named Bob Something to write a hit song called simply “Highway 61.”

Hear This Week is written by local writer, musician, and live music fan Kevin M. Mitchell

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