International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum to Celebrate Eight Unique Individuals through February

Thursday October 27, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words — a thousand words in any language you like, that is, according to Patty Wente, executive director at the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Louis.

“Photography doesn’t know a language,” she said, “and that’s the beauty of it. Photos have a way of bringing everyone together to talk, to share different perspectives, in all cultures, and in all languages.”

With high-quality cameras available in cell phones and other devices, photography is more relevant and popular than ever before, Wente said. No longer are photos just displayed as part of exhibits at renowned museums around the world, they are now also showcased on everything from various social media platforms to the digital frames and computer-generated photo books on shelves at home. That’s why, for the 2016 Hall of Fame class, the IPHF is inducting photographers and industry professionals at the forefront of the industry’s innovation – helping to shape and define modern photography.

Eight individuals will be honored at the IPHF’s Hall of Fame Induction and 50th Anniversary Celebration Oct. 28 in St. Louis. An exhibit featuring the works of these inductees will then kick off the following day, Oct. 29, and be available through Feb. 4, 2017 at the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Grand Center. For information on tickets and hours of operation, please visit or call 314-479-2698. If you’re visiting from out of town, contact Hotel Ignacio for special discounts.

The IPHF is the only organization worldwide that recognizes and honors those who have had a significant impact on the evolution of photography. This year’s inductees, selected by a nationwide nominating committee, are industry visionaries who embody the spirit, artistry and innovation of modern photography. This is the first induction ceremony to be held since the museum’s move from Oklahoma City to St. Louis in 2013.

So, who are these eight and how have they not only revolutionized the world of capturing images but also impacted the evolution of photography itself?

  • Ken Burns, acclaimed documentary filmmaker whose many films he’s produced and directed include The Civil War, Jazz, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, and Jackie Robinson.
  • Ernst Haas, 20th century professional photographer considered one of the pioneers of color photography and whose groundbreaking 24-page color photo essay on New York City was featured in Life magazine (1953).
  • Steve Jobs, former Apple Inc. chairman and CEO and technology pioneer whose products revolutionized the photography industry by fitting high-quality camera equipment into a hand-held mobile device.
  • John Knoll, co-creator of Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard in digital photo editing.
  • Thomas Knoll, co-creator of Adobe Photoshop with his brother John. Together the brothers have completely revolutionized the photography industry.
  • Annie Leibovitz, portrait photographer whose bold use of colors and poses has become her trademark style. Recent Vanity Fair cover portraits include Demi Moore, Caitlyn Jenner and Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Graham Nash, creator of fine art digital photography and musician, founded Nash Editions, a fine art digital print company that adapted the IRIS printer to print high-quality digital photography and art prints as large as 3 feet by 4 feet. The company is recognized by the Smithsonian Institution for its role in the invention of and accomplishments in fine arts and digital printing.
  • Sebastião Salgado, documentary photographer and photojournalist most known for his long-term social documentary projects, including Workers (1993), Migrations (2000) and GENESIS (2013).

In addition to viewing work from these eight inductees at the upcoming Hall of Fame exhibit, visitors to the IPHF can see a rotated collection of work from more than 500 artists, 5,000 historical cameras and more than 30,000 photographs, including Leica cameras, a Megalethoscope, a darkroom, photos by such greats as Ansel Adams and Margaret Bourke-White, Polaroid Magic Lanterns, an Edison Projecting Kinetoscope, to name a few.

On your next visit, walk around and explore the neighborhood. The Grand Center is home to internationally recognized theaters, museums, art galleries and other performance centers. Then enjoy food and drinks at some of the highest rated restaurants in the country — all within a few blocks of IPHF. Learn more about Grand Center here.

Until then, click away – and help create the next 1,000 words, in more than 1,000 cultures.

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