Kim Tucci “Heart of St. Louis Award”

The Kim Tucci “Heart of St. Louis Award” honors a man who devoted his life to making life in St. Louis better. While few can or will match Kim’s boundless heart, energy, passion and talent, this annual award will recognize St. Louisans of any age who embody that same spirit, and by their selfless efforts lift our community and serve our people.

2021 Kim Tucci Heart of St. Louis Award Winner – Steve Smith, CEO of Lawrence Group

As the Lawrence Group’s CEO, Smith has consistently demonstrated his support of St. Louis by investing, creating, and developing projects which provide jobs and elevate St. Louis’ position in the region.  More recently, Smith’s involvement with The Foundry is another example of the lasting impact of his contributions to St. Louis. The same day that The Foundry opened, he announced a new redevelopment project at the historic Second Baptist Church in Central West End and plans on turning it into a gospel music hall of fame for the St. Louis community.

In the spirit of Kim Tucci, in addition to his work activities, Smith serves the region in many volunteer capacities lending his name, time, and talent supporting various not-for-profit entities for the betterment of our community

Call for Nominations!

Please help us to identity and nominate individuals who are torch-bearers of Kim’s enduring legacy. In that spirit, do you know, or know of someone who in the last 18 months, from January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 was:

  • A Leader – demonstrated unflagging leadership and the relentless ability to bring us together from different walks of life to make things happen
  • An Evangelist – made you proud to be a St. Louisan
  • A Motivator – inspired you to want to do more
  • A Giver – went above and beyond their personal area of expertise to propel St. Louis forward
  • An Influencer  – made a resonant impact this past year that will help make a better St. Louis
  • A Paragon of Service – demonstrated passion, gusto, ethics, and commitment in service to a worthy purpose
  • A Visionary – bringing new and fresh ideas and perspectives
  • Courageous – was not afraid to tackle difficult or serious challenges facing our community

Nominations close on Friday August 12, 2022, and the winner(s) will be honored at the Explore St. Louis Annual Meeting & Awards event, September 21, 2022.