Follow 200 year-old breadcrumbs back to where the journey began, and see the newly reimagined Arch grounds, museum, entrance and a whole lot more with two of the most questionable tour guides in history.

They started where they finished.
And then they headed back.

The journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark—as assigned by President Thomas
Jefferson—famously culminated in reaching the Pacific Ocean in what is now the Northwest region of Oregon. Their lesser-known journey eastward brought them back to report on their findings.

This is neither of those.

This story ignores those facts in favor of a more whimsical trip. A journey of made-up, mythical proportions that brough these timeless heroes back from their mission to an even greater destiny.

That destiny? Well, it can be found at the base of St. Louis's "storied monument to westward expansion, known as the Arch." Just ask Lewis.

The journey starts at the end, in the Pacific Northwest.

“To the Arch, posthaste!”

Meriwether Lewis

Lewis & Clark must follow their destiny. But as it turns out, it’s back where they started.

Follow our intrepid actors through the Rocky Mountains into what is now known as Kansas.

The Arch is near. Yet, these wandering cartographers find themselves distracted by all the other shiny objects in and around St. Louis.

Okay, so they got a little off track. But alas, they made it! And this is where the exploration both truly begins and ultimately culminates.

The greatest discovery
is that there's so much left to discover.

Come check out the brand new Arch experience. See where it all began. And how it’s always evolving.

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See St. Louis the way Lewis & Clark did.
Or at least how their characters did.

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