New York Post feasts on St. Louis eateries

Tuesday January 29, 2013

The New York Post writer Paul Brady seems happily shocked to have found civilization outside of Metropolis.

“A food and drinks scene emerges in the land of Budweiser” is the subhead of his January 28 article about St. Louis’ dining delights called, “Beyond the BBQ in St. Louis.”

He states: “Long the bastion of barbecue and mass-market beer, St. Louis has undergone a culinary renaissance in recent years.”

We’re delighted you had a good time here, Paul. St. Louis is nothing if not hospitable and we’re darn glad to have met you. (Although until recently, most St. Louisans would have told you the best barbecue could be found on their Webers at home, which hardly qualifies our town as a “bastion” for just one kind of chow.)

Brady tells his readers about the “ethereal” chitarra pasta at Gerard Craft’s Pastaria in Clayton, and he points foodies toward David Bailey’s hotspots of Bailey’s Range, Bridge, Rooster and Bailey’s Chocolate Bar.

After a jaunt through the tastes of Downtown, Clayton and Lafayette Square, Brady experienced the Mediterranean flavors of Nico and the Asian offerings of Seoul Taco, both in the Loop.

Capitalist Pig, the barbecue joint at Mad Art Gallery is not currently operating and will reopen in the spring according to Sauce magazine, but it must have been in full flavor when Brady was in town. He mentions the hardwood-smoked meats and the Blackberry-Ancho sauce as worthy of attention.

On the wet side of the menu, Schlafly, Six Row Brewing Company and Livery Company (which opened about six months ago on Cherokee Street) get shout outs in the article for their brews and spirits that exist “in the shadow of Budweiser.” (We might argue that they exist because of — not in spite of — the longstanding brewing heritage of St. Louis. Either way, they certainly taste good.)

Please come again, Paul. And bring a few million of your hungry readers along for the ride. We secretly feel sorry for people who don’t have the opportunity to live here and experience our powerful food culture all the time.

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