Strange Donuts

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  • Midtown/Clayton
  • Maplewood

Original classics, new creations; late night strangers. Open every night. Stay strange.

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Strange Donuts
Reviewed By keepthepeac3 May 2016

Here the donuts are baked fresh, there's a maple bacon one that's my favorite. They do have donuts that aren't strange. I recommend trying this place to anyone that likes to taste and experience...

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Reviewed By Jeremy B May 2016

Good donuts. They were interesting combinations and freshly baked. They had actual good coffee here which seems to be a rarity in donut shops..the donuts weren't the best I've ever had but they were...

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Best Donut Experience
Reviewed By Mary M October 2016

Excellent quality and unique selections. The choices are seasonal and limited quantities, but that is what makes them sooo good!

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