Penguin & Puffin Coast to re-open on March 5 at Saint Louis Zoo

Friday February 6, 2015


After 19 months of construction, the Saint Louis Zoo has announced plans to reopen their popular Penguin and Puffin Coast exhibit Thursday, March 5.  Visitors are invited to watch a parade of the King and Gentoo penguins beginning at 10:30 a.m.

The exhibit has been closed since Sept. 2013 for construction of McDonnell Polar Bear Point, which is next door to the penguin habitats. The Humboldt penguins have been receiving visitors at their outdoor habitat since Oct. 2014; however, the indoor portion of the exhibit has remained closed to the public. Major construction of Polar Bear Point will be complete by this spring, and the exhibit is expected to open in summer 2015.

The exhibit opened in 2003 and is the home to about 100 oceanic birds – penguins from the Southern hemisphere and puffins from the Northern hemisphere.

Can’t wait till March 5? Catch up with the penguins with the zoo’s live penguin cam at


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