Bob O’Loughlin Receives Explore St. Louis’ Highest Accolade

Wednesday September 21, 2022

By Catherine Neville

ST. LOUIS – The Civic Pride Foundation announced at Explore St. Louis’ annual meeting today that Robert “Bob” O’Loughlin, chairman and chief executive officer of Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM), is the recipient of the Kim Tucci Heart of St. Louis Award. This accolade is given in honor of Kim Tucci, who dedicated his life to the betterment of St. Louis and the civic organizations within it.

“From providing flood victims with hotel rooms to traveling to New York to promote St. Louis, Bob O’Loughlin is the model of everything the Heart of St. Louis Award represents,” said Kathleen “Kitty” Ratcliffe, president of Explore St. Louis. “We are so lucky to have him here in St. Louis.”

David Robert, Chairman of the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation and CEO of Midas Hospitality added, “Bob O’Loughlin stands out for his constant support of the St. Louis community and his deep dedication to bringing city and County stakeholders together for the betterment of the region.”

For over 35 years, O'Loughlin has been a leading figure in the region’s hospitality sector as LHM’s CEO. By developing world-class initiatives that advance St. Louis’ national standing in the hospitality and community development sectors, O'Loughlin has been a key figure in St. Louis’ rising profile. O’Loughlin’s efforts have boosted the region's economy with expansive projects, such as the renovation of St. Louis Union Station, which included the addition of a world-class aquarium. His vision and his efforts have increased tourism in St. Louis and provided jobs for thousands of locals.

In the tradition of Kim Tucci, O’Loughlin dedicates his time and skills to many St. Louis-based organizations, such as Variety, the St. Louis Children's Charity; the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission; the St. Louis Sports Commission; the St. Louis Zoo; the Police Foundation; the Logos School; Pathways to Independence; United Way; The Boy Scouts; the American Cancer Society; as well as Washington University in St. Louis and Saint Louis University. In addition, O’Loughlin has been a member of the Regional Business Council since 2009, serving on the Executive, Public Policy and Crime and Public Safety committees.

O’Loughlin reflects the ideals of Kim Tucci, who was a leader, motivator, giver, influencer and visionary, as well as a paragon of service and courageous evangelist for the St. Louis region.

The 2022 Heart of St. Louis Award was presented by David Robert, chairman of the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation, Kathy Osborn, president of the Regional Business Council and Sharon Tucci, founder of Talent Plus.

About the Civic Pride Foundation

The St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) educational organization founded by Explore St. Louis for the purpose of energizing St. Louis civic pride. The foundation’s mission is to energize a profound pride in our past and present, faith in our future and a personal commitment to an ever-improving quality of life among all of our region’s citizens.