St. Louis Ultimate Tourist – Charlotte Anania

Name: Charlotte Anania

Age: 10 Grade: 5

School: Kennard


So, you’re feeling adventurous today. Why not head on over to the City Museum? The City Museum is a great place for the adventurous type. It is a great place to go with kids ages five to thirteen. There are places for the young and old. Parents can either enjoy the fun, too or go sit down and chat. My favorite place is the skate park (the room with the huge pencil). I think the City Museum is a good place to go with a friend or on a field trip. There are so many things to do and see. Don’t forget to check out the 5 and 10 story slides! Have fun and enjoy your visit.

Are you wondering where to go today? Why not head on over to the Missouri Botanical Garden? It is good for all ages. The Missouri Botanical Garden is fun and relaxing. You can bring a sketchbook, a camera, or watercolors. You can also go to the Climatron or just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view. You could also go during the Chinese or Japanese festivals. I hope you have fun and enjoy your visit!

Are you just wandering around St. Louis thinking what to do? Well, I know what you should do. You should head over to the Frank Lloyd Wright house. The Frank Lloyd Wright house is beautiful and historic, and the tours are so informational. I went on a field trip and when I got home I told my mom I wanted to live there. I would suggest going with a small group of people. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank You!