St. Louis Ultimate Tourist – Ellen Schweppe

Name: Ellen Schweppe

Age: 12 Grade: 7

School: Ste. Genevieve du Bois


St. Louis is a wonderful and astonishing place to visit. What’s there to do in St. Louis? There are so many adventures waiting for you here. I love three of the many places: Forest Park, Union Station, and the Arch.

Forest Park has many places hidden inside the large park, including the Muny, Steinberg Ice Skating Rink, an amazing zoo, and the Boathouse. When I went to Forest Park it was overwhelming considering how much I could do there. First, I went to the Muny to see the play Annie and it was excellent. The audience was filled with smiles throughout the play. After the play, I went to the Boathouse to paddle boat. The lake was beautiful. In the winter, I went to the Steinberg Ice Skating Rink. I love seeing the ice get polished by the colorful zamboni. Another great place to see is the St. Louis Zoo it is ranked the third best zoo in America. My experience in Forest Park was great I had a broad smile on my face throughout.

Every Christmas Eve we go to Union Station to see the light show on the high beautiful ceilings. Going to Union Station is one of my favorite places to go during Christmas. The light show reminds me of Christmas all in one show. They play calming music to go with it. Union Station is so elegant and superb, on the outside and on the inside. It reminds me of an old castle. The elevators have the old fashioned gates that slide across. During Christmas there is a huge Christmas tree. The ornaments are larger than my head! Did you know that Union Station is building a huge aquarium? The aquarium will be located on the lower level of Union Station. If you go, don’t miss the whispering arch.

Did you know that the Arch was opened in 1965 and took 2 years to build it? The Arch is a lively and entertaining place to be. I went to the Arch recently and it was the highlight of my year. I love the Arch because there is so much history that it stores. If you want to go to the top of the Arch, you will sit in an egg like, elevator to the top. If you are afraid of heights you might have a problem with it, but I loved it. When you get to the top there are many windows to look out of. At the top you are most likely overlooking the Mississippi river, which is entertaining to watch all the boats. I loved the Arch and you will too!