St. Louis Ultimate Tourist – Ellie Najarro

Name: Ellie Najarro

Age: 13 Grade: 8

School: North Kirkwood Middle School


From as long as I can remember I’ve always loved this beautiful city! There’s so much to do here! Whether going up the 630 foot Archor going to cheer at a Cardinals game you will always have something to do here, but my favorites are the City Museum, Ted Drewes, and the Magic House.

The City Museum is always surprising! It never gets old because they change their attractions constantly. Not only do they have a circus and an aquarium, but they also have one of the biggest playgrounds you will probably ever see! My favorite part of the museum are the secret tunnels! The one by the skatepark has arrows that give you directions, but if you know to look for it, there is a small dark hole that leads to the train and circus. All the tunnels eventually connect. Also, be prepared to be at the City Museum all day. There are food and drinks in this (ware)house so you won’t go crazy because you’re hungry. The roof is the best part too! (I have a lot of favorites.) They have a school bus hanging from the edge of the tower that you’re allowed to go in, and they have a garden and Ferris wheel as well. Oh, I can’t forget to mention the huge slides!

If you want a sweet treat, you may want to consider Ted Drewes! Their variety of flavors are so unique you will never want to leave! My favorite is the Oreo in their famous Cardinal hat cup! If you look at the window there’s a ton of their signature flavors. Since their building doesn’t have seating, you get to sit outdoors in your trunk once you order! It’s a tradition for my family to go every summer! We always get the same flavor too. The lines may be long, but it is worth the wait! They are known to have the best ice cream in STL!

The Magic House has many interactive exhibits designed to create curiosity, use imagination and create a love for learning! Ranging from a beanstalk you can climb to the STEAM lab, this is the place has a lot of excitement! The Magic House is in downtown Kirkwood, and you can’t miss it. The most popular attraction there is the electrically charged ball which fills your hair with static, a common favorite. Some others are to create a three-dimensional impression of yourself, spin the giant kaleidoscope wheel, glide down the three-story slide, and help build life-sized house! I love the sports room, bubble room and my absolute favorite, their village with fishing! Ever since I went there as a little kid to now I’ve always had a blast! My sister and I would try to see who could catch the most fish and after we would go up and become pizza workers, or I would become a doctor and she would be a vet!

I love my hometown, and you’re going to love it too!