St. Louis Ultimate Tourist – Emma Shao

Name: Emma Shao

Age: 14 Grade: 9

School: MICDS


St. Louis holds many popular attractions and sights for St. Louisans as well as tourists. While living in St. Louis for 14 years, I’ve visited many wondrous places. For me, the three best are: the St. Louis Blues games, the Botanical Garden, and the Magic House. Each special place energizes and delights everyone who visits.

This year, the St. Louis Blues hockey team won the Stanley Cup, something that hasn’t happened before. The excitement was palpable throughout St. Louis from February to June, and St. Louisans showed their Blues pride by wearing Blues shirts and hats and by displaying stickers on cars and pennants on houses. On game days, the arena was a blur of blue, gold, and white when fans jumped to their feet, screaming and high-fiving one another every time the Blues scored a goal. Adrenaline surged through me when I joined the cheer, “Let’s go Blues!” Even though the arena was filled with people from all over, we all joined in celebrating the Blues’ victory.

Every year in the spring, I head for the Missouri Botanical Garden where I get the chance to participate in Chinese Culture Day festivities. I enjoy performing traditional Chinese dances, admiring the lanterns and dragon decorations as I walk through the garden, and watching acrobatics and dragon dances. What I enjoy most are the food trucks and stands that offer a variety of Chinese foods, drinks, and desserts. My favorite is orange chicken and noodles along with a smoothie or boba tea. At the Garden’s many cultural festivals and activities, locals and tourists learn more about the traditions of the diverse St. Louis population.

The Magic House is the place to go for children of all ages and their families. It’s a children’s museum where kids can have fun learning about science and math and being creative. When I was younger, I loved climbing the beanstalk and playing in the Children’s Village. This summer, I volunteered at the Magic House because I wanted to help other kids experience the wonders of the attractions. Everyday I laughed when kids ran around me and dragged me by the arm to show me their art and to get pizza. There’s no better place than the Magic House for kids to have fun in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Blues, Botanical Garden, and the Magic House are only three of the many fascinating features in St. Louis. So, whether you are just visiting or you’re a local wanting to find a place to explore, St. Louis will give you the adventure you need.