A field of grapes in Missouri Wine Country.

Missouri Wine Country

The roots of Missouri’s wine industry date back approximately 200 years to when French and German immigrants settled in the region, bringing their winemaking traditions with them. Our state has five American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs, and the nation’s oldest AVA is a short hour drive from St. Louis in Augusta, Missouri. Learn more about Augusta and all the experiences that you can have in this picturesque village here.

A bit farther down Highway 94 is the historic town of Hermann, Missouri. Founded by German immigrants in 1837, Hermann offers visitors more than wine, though there’s plenty of that to enjoy, too.

Here, you can sip local beer and craft spirits, explore museums, shop for antiques and enjoy one of the town’s annual festivals. The country’s oldest continually family owned winery, Adam Puchta Winery, is in Hermann, as is Stone Hill Winery, the first winery to open in Missouri after prohibition. Learn more about this idyllic destination here.

The Ste. Genevieve wine region offers a decidedly French accent to your road trip. An hour south of St. Louis, Ste. Genevieve is home to three of the five surviving poteaux-en-terre (post in ground) buildings in the U.S., now preserved as part of the Ste. Genevieve National Historic Park. There are also a number of wineries to enjoy, all nestled in picturesque rolling hills of rural Missouri.

Want to learn more about Missouri wine? Visit the official Missouri Wine site. Cheers!