Eclectic venues, such as The Fabulous Fox and Jazz St. Louis, line the streets of the Grand Center Arts District.

Grand Center Arts District

Recognized as the region’s epicenter for the arts, Grand Center Arts District is chock-full of sensory delights.

Eclectic venues line the streets, offering everything from Broadway to black box theater, Beethoven to bebop and classical ballet to circus acts. You can experience art in a gallery or on the street and explore museums that will leave an impression.

Here, awe-inspiring talent performs while aspiring artists hone their crafts, and the creative energy is palpable.

Throughout the year, don’t miss events in Grand Center Arts District such as St. Lou Fringe, a six-day festival that offers an explosion of artistic expression. On any given night, you can attend a variety of Fringe shows featuring dance, drama, comedy, fashion, spoken word and vaudeville.

Presented by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in partnership with the Steward Family Foundation and the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) of St. Louis, Music at the Intersection is another festival that continues to grow bigger and louder. Focusing on “St. Louis made,” the festival pays homage to the city’s impact on the Great American Songbook, its relationship to its sister cities along the Mississippi River and the musical genres that have been founded and fostered here.

“Every year, we aim to make the festival more accessible, diverse and multidimensional,” Chris Hansen, executive director of Kranzberg Arts Foundation and chief producer of Music at the Intersection, says. “[Music at the Intersection] could become a destination that people all over the world want to experience, but it will always tell our story and hold onto our heritage.”

Welcoming hotels, inviting parks and top-notch restaurants and bars round out Grand Center Arts District. What will you discover in the ever-evolving cultural crossroads?